I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls.

how i developed my political beliefs.

i’ve gotten some flack on this before so i’m just gotta put it out there to not be asked again. people accuse me of “following what my parents taught me” or “not thinking for myself” when it comes to politics. it’s not a surprise that i am pretty conservative. yes, i am a registered republican. but let me tell you this. i struggled with it for an entire year leading up to my registration. when i thought, oh shoot pretty soon i’m gonna have to choose. i’m gonna have to write something down. which party am i going to belong to i can’t just say i like this person and i like that person this is all going to be real soon. i wasn’t sure to go independent or republican. obviously i lean right most of the time but my final deciding factor was to register republican so i could vote in primaries.

growing up politics where never really discussed in my house, unless i brought them up. which i did a lot starting in late middle school. my mother was one of those people who kept their vote private, whether it was passing the school budget or which candidate she voted for president. she never forced any beliefs on me and frankly, i didn’t even know what he beliefs were until i was about 15. in fact i’ve never even heard her use her own words to tell me what she was registered as. throughout the years i gathered information here and there from questions i asked. and one day my dad was sick and tired of me asking my mom who she voted for and he whispered to me “she’s a republican”. i guess i kind of assumed but it was so strange to finally know.

on the other hand, my father is a flaming independent. he never talked about politics except when it came to school board elections and budget votes. presidential elections came around and he was a ralph nader fan. never approving of any of the other candidates. he seemed to have problems with them all. he never told us or talked about it. but when i asked, he answered my questions honestly and talked to me as if i was an adult.

so growing up i was never influenced. of course, god plays a big role in many things i believe. but learning about history and dissecting the parties and how they came to be i knew that i believed in a small centralized government, no hands outs, working hard for yourself, staying true to our constitution, and not having people tell me what to do. this is where some of my moral beliefs conflicted with what i had taught myself to be right. so to this day i still struggle with many things. and i’m constantly reading articles, watching the news, asking questions, and debating with other people. i love to hear new sides to stories, and new proposals from people. i loved learning how to make a bill and how the electoral college worked. it’s always been fasinacting to me. everything is changing so quickly and rapidly there’s new information every day. government was one of my favorite subjects in school. i was the only kid that seemed to really take anything away from it.

so i guess in short i really love respectful people when it comes to politics because i try to be the same way back. and i taught myself everything i know. my parents have never had an impact on the way i thought about things. my thoughts are mine and mine alone. of course they’re influenced by my teachers growing up and by the media but that’s how everyone is. you can’t formulate your own opinions without hearing the opinions of others. so i find it very offensive and close-minded when people think my beliefs stem from my parents and i never tried to figure anything out for myself. i feel really bad for people who don’t go out and investigate things for themselves. they look at what the internet is doing and go along with it. they hear what they’re parents say and vote for it because they don’t know what to do. and also those people that vote strictly on social issues, there are much more important things and many more issues on the forefront of my mind. so there it is.

my fascination and love for politics is never ending. i have far more to learn and a long way to go but i’m excited for it.

i just saw 2016 and it was really really well done and very thought provoking and reminded me how much I hate ignorant Obama supporters. Or any kind of ignorant supporters for that matter. And I don’t want to get into any of my belifes right now but I recommend the movie for those pro or against Obama. I found it, objective of course, but solely based on FACTS that Dinesh D’Souza found on his own which I highly respect. ~controversial~ I know. But make your own opinions about it. I just like to learn new things and hear new sides to every story.

"To take another example, Romney mentioned "faith" six times, always in a religious context, while Obama said the world twice, speaking of "faith in institutions" and his personal confidence that graduates would succeed."

Um, that’s so stupid Yahoo! News. Because Romney spoke at a Christian school so it makes sense to speak in a religious sense. THAT’S WHAT THE SPEECH WAS HALF ABOUT THEREFORE YOU CANNOT COMPARE SINCE THE TWO SCHOOLS WERE SO DIFFERENT.  I was there as my sister was graduating and I thought Romney did a surprisingly wonderful job.